Nattlys Intelligent induksjonsnattlys

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☆Selected materials: The LED night light is made of white mahogany or ash wood and solid frosted plexiglass, made by CMC pure handcraft, high quality
    ☆Intelligent induction mode: built-in photosensitive sensor + infrared lens dual intelligent induction mechanism, self-start induction mode in the environment with weak light at night, the sensing distance is 4 meters and the light is on for 15 seconds.
    ☆Night light mode: 4 LED warm-color light-emitting units, matched with frosted lampshades, the light effect tends to be soft and warm using the principle of light guide, which effectively relieves pressure and gives people a comfortable and intimate lighting enjoyment
    ☆Flexible movement along with travel: Use the magnetic attraction between the base and the lamp body to facilitate the removal of the lamp body. The magnet can be adsorbed on any metal surface. It can be used in multiple scenes, and the 2.5cm diameter is comfortable to hold.
    ☆Suitable for a variety of scene placement: scenes are suitable for living room, bedroom, children's room, study room, bathroom, passage, wardrobe wall atmosphere decoration

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