Neck Massager LG-A3

销售价格399,00 kr


Welcome to use the folding portable neck massager. We use stainless steel electrode sheets and PI heating sheets, micro-computer chip control technology, and helps relax the neck muscles and relieve neck fatigue through micro-current stimulation and hot compress. Hot compress can effectively raise the temperature of the environment around the neck promote blood circulation, and cooperate with the stimulation of micro current to drive the neck muscles to exercise together, giving people a full range of comfortable experience. This massager can also be folded to make it easier to carry.


Product model: LG-A3
Product material: ABS, PC, silicone
Lithium battery: 450mAh
Standby current: <100µA
Input standard: 5V=
Maximum rating: 5W
Product name: Folding portable neck massager Host size : 105 *135 *35mm

*Note: This product is not a substitute for medical equipment.
Does not have a therapeutic effect, children can not touch.


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